Topinka Receives Most Improved Award, but Financial Hole Reaches $175 Billion
Unfortunately, the state continues to understate its poor financial condition.

Extension of a temporary tax hike a bitter but necessary pill
More than ever, this General Assembly will be charged with keeping a tight lid on state spending and finding new ways to make state government more efficient.

U.S. public pension gap widened to nearly $1 trillion in fiscal year 2012
"Even though we've seen recent market gains and reforms, the funding gap has continued to grow for pensions."

Do April Showers Bring May Flowers?
Will providing reliable, timely financial information result in confidence in our state governments to bloom?

Truth in Accounting Issues Illinois 2013 Financial State of the State
Financial Hole Jumps to $175 Billion

Stillinnoyed by taxes, pension debt? Move to Indiana
Gov. Quinn advocates more taxes; Indiana promotes new campaign.

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